Bergans of Norway


We’re still breaking out the cold weather gear, and just yesterday we put a bunch of fleecies on hangers to display, including the Bergans Humle (yes, that’s the correct spelling) Lady Jacket pictured above.

This is one of our very favourite fleecies.  It has a comfortable fit that is contoured just enough that while wearing it you look like a woman, not a block of wood or an amorphous creature.

The stitching feels super solid, the front zip pockets are a decent size without adding too much bulk, and the hood is functional without being ridiculously big.

Mostly though it feels super comfy and does a remarkable job of keeping you warm while still being very breathable and useful in relatively warm temps.

This is carry over stock from late last season so we don’t have all sizes left, but feel free to call us at 204-888-4586 or come down to the shop in person to see if we have the right size for you.