Cat Eye Volt 200 Headlight


We’re continuing our feature on bike lights this week with the new Cat Eye Volt 200.  It’s a powerful single LED light that’s USB rechargeable.

The light offers 2 hours of run time in high mode, which yields an impressive 200 lumens.  Low mode offers 6 hours of run time and 50 lumens.  Recharge takes about 3 hours.

This light can be used as a blinkie on steroids, but it may also be used as a ‘true’ headlight that illuminates your path so you can see where you’re going at reasonable speeds in the somewhat lit urban jungle.  For really dark conditions and technical trail riding you may want an even more powerful light.

Of course all conditions vary so please use your own judgement, but in our experience 200 lumens is often enough to adaquetly light your way.

Cost is $70 plus taxes.  We have a few in stock at the time of this posting.