Surly Cross Check


We’ve been featuring cyclocross bikes all week in honour of the 1st official week of the local ‘cross season, and we figured it was appropriate to end the week with the bike that started it all, at least for us.

Before Giant, Cannondale, and Marin (other ‘cross friendly brands we stock) offered offroad drop bar bikes for racing and for taking the route less travelled we had Surly.  Their Cross Check model developed a bit of a cult following as an efficient on road bike that could take a lot of abuse and handle grass, gravel, and dirt well too.

It had compliant, comfortable steel tubing and a middle of the road geometry (not quite touring, but not exactly racy either).  It had a mix of mountain and road components, all mid range, to build a reliable but not too costly, versitile bike.  It was a great example of a product that split the difference between two different styles and applications and in the process suited both well.

After the proliferation of new ‘cross bikes in the last decade the Cross Check is still standing proud, virtually unchanged (though components have of course been upgraded through the years) and we’re still happy to carry it.  We have a handful of sizes in stock now, each at a cost of $1785 plus taxes.

Join the trend by buying the original!