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Marin Lombard Elite on sale!

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We’re continuing our features of cyclocross bikes this week as we’re now fully in the swing of the local ‘cross season, but today we’re featuring something just slightly different: The Marin Lombard Elite.

The Lombard Elite is completely prepared to mix it up on the ‘cross course, but its geometry and choice of components make it more of a hybrid between a ‘cross bike and a touring bike.  Marin’s website describes it as “birthed from cyclocross and hybrid parents”, or something like that, and we think that’s a good description.

What the means for the average guy or gal is that the geometry is somewhere between racy and laid back, the gear choice is a bit wider than what’s often found on a bike intended solely for racing, and the component choices are robust for whatever your intended use.

We have a Large size 2016 model left in stock and we’ve put it on sale for just $1390 plus taxes, down from the MRSP of $1550.

Buy it for the ‘cross season, but continue using it for the daily commute and a summer tour or two!

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