Cyclocross Tires



With the local cyclocross season about to start we figured it was worth our time to let you know that we have a good selection of cyclocross tires in stock, most in the $65-$75 range per tire.

‘Cross conditions vary so widely that many competitors like to have more than one style of tire so they can pick the most suitable option for the terrain on race day. We have ‘cross tires that are almost slick (well, sorta) and we have other ‘cross tires that are practically mini cross country mountain bike race tires, and most things in between.

It may also be important to note that many cyclocross bikes come equipped with 35mm tires, while official race regulations stipulate they can’t be bigger than 33mm wide. With that said, officials seldom check tire size at local races so long as you’re not obviously running 2″ wide rubber, so in most instances you’ll likely be fine with whatever your bike is equipped with from a regulatory standpoint. Still, it’s worth knowing the rules.

Whatever your motivation if you’d like a new set of ‘cross tires we should have you covered.