Evo Classic Gel Seat Cover


We sell plenty of gel seats to replace whatever is on your bike at the moment if you don’t find your current saddle comfortable.  However, some of our customers like everything about their saddle (width, shape, etc.) except for its amount of padding.

That’s why we carry the Evo Gel seat cover.  Instead of replacing you saddle it simply adds padding to what you already have.

It’s not exactly a one size fits all solution though.  If you have a moderately wide cruiser style saddle it should work well to add the Evo Gel, but there are narrower saddles with which it doesn’t fit as nicely, so if you’re interested be sure to bring your bike in so you can test it out.

If it is a good fit the Evo Gel seat cover is a simple and inexpensive way to add some extra cushion to your saddle, costing just $25 plus taxes.

We try to have a few of these on hand at all times, so stop by with your bike to check one out anytime.