Evo Gel Comfort Saddle


We have more than enough saddle styles to post a featured saddle every day for well over a month, but that would get a bit tedious so we’re just going to commit to featuring a different saddle every day this week, starting with the extra wide Evo Gel Comfort saddle pictured above.

But first we need to emplore you to think about using a narrower saddle. (Stick with us; we’re not dissing this saddle under the right conditions).  Narrow, firm saddles don’t feel particularly comfortable when you throw a leg over a bike in the shop and sit your butt on one.  They can however offer more comfort on long rides, especially if you condition your butt to get used to it by riding frequently.  A narrower saddle, generally speaking, chafes the inside of your thighs less and a firmer saddle also chafes less because you sit ‘on top’ of it instead of melding into cushier material.

With all of that said we recognize that not all of our customers do 100 km rides 3 times a week.  If you’re a very occasional rider and you use your bike mostly to cruise to the local coffee shop the chafing possible during a long distance, high tempo ride may be of little concern.

That’s why we stock the saddle pictured above.  It has a lot of real estate, which spreads your weight over a larger area and leads to less uncomfortable bruising. It’s also very plush, which helped absorb a lot of road vibration.

As with almost all of our saddles this one fits virtually any bike.  It’s a very inexpensive $34 plus taxes, which makes it one of the cheapest upgrades you can make for any bike.  We have a few in stock at the time of this posting, and try to alwasy have at least a couple on hand, so feel free to check one out anytime.