C’Dale CAAD 12 105 on sale!


Here’s one more new, on sale road bike to feature for the week (remember, all road bikes are on sale at the time of this posting).

It’s a Cannondale CAAD 12 105.  As the name implies it’s equipped with the ever-capable Shimano 105 component group and is mated with Cannondale’s superb CAAD 12 aluminum frame and carbon fork.

We’re not being very effective at pitching our higher end bikes when we say this but a CAAD framed C’Dale with 105 components probably offers 80% or more of the performance level of their very top end model at 25% of the price.  I don’t know if we’d call it the point of diminishing return, but it might not be that far off.

All that is considering the regular price of $2000 plus taxes, but right now we have a 56 cm framed bike on sale for just $1740.

Take advantage of this or other great road bike deals while they remain in stock.