C’Dale Supersix Evo2 Hi-Mod Dura Ace on sale!


We’re featuring on-sale road bikes all week (because all of our in stock road bikes are on sale at the time of this posting) and we started the week off with a relatively entry level bike and a mid-range bike, so it’s time to feature a top of the line ride today.

This is the Cannondale SuperSix Evo2 Hi-Mod Dura Ace.  That’s a real mouthful of a name, but it translates to “awesome”.  This bike uses the very top end carbon frame and fork set from Cannondale along with Shimano’s top flight Dura Ace component group (with substitutions like the C’Dale SiSL2 BB30 crankset just to add a bit more bling to the package).

It’s a completely uncompromising race bike from a company that has been winning the biggest races for years.  The MRSP on this bike is an even $7000 plus taxes, but we’ve reduced the 56cm in stock model pictured above by almost $1000 to $6090.  That’s still a good chunk of coin, but it’s also a pretty deep discount and a heck of a deal on one of the best road bikes available today.