C’Dale Synapse Carbon on sale!


Yesterday we noted that all of our road bikes are on sale at the time of this posting, and we specifically featured a relatively inexpensive Marin Argenta that was made for longer, more comfortable road rides with its more compact, upright riding position.

Today we’re featuring a more expensive bike that has similar design attributes at a higher spec level.

The Cannondale Synapse is made with a shorter top tube and longer, higher head tube, that combine to lift you up a bit and take some of the strain off of your back and arms/wrists when you ride.

This Synapse also has a compliant full carbon frame and fork that help smooth out some of our roads’ roughness.

Built with an Ultegra rear derailleur and other similar bits this bike is pretty high end and carries a regular price tag of $3230 plus taxes, but we have a 58cm model in stock, built up, and on sale now for just $2800.

As with all of these sale bikes it could be gone soon so be sure act fast if you’re interested, and feel free to check out the other great road bike deals in stock now.