Electra Townie 7D

We sell a fair number of Electra Townie single speeds and internally geared 3 speeds but we always try to have a handful of traditional 7 speeds on hand too, like the one pictured above. 

The 7 speeds have a ‘normal’ rear derailleur and 7 speed cassette, but no shifting up front, so changing from gear to gear is as simple as rotating the throttle style shifter back and forth with one hand. 

The Townie is a little less stretched out than a true cruiser style bike but still has an upright riding position and allows you to comfortably pedal while the saddle is low enough to allow your feet to completely touch the ground when you come to a stop. 

Hand over $640 plus taxes and you can experience the ride for yourself, or if you’re not sure yet stop by the shop to test ride one today.