’14 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2 on sale


Here’s another featured bike deal during our week of bike sale features.  This poor guy has been with us for a couple of years now.  The same model in other sizes sold well but sometimes we end up with a straggler that just doesn’t find the right buyer in the right size.

The C’Dale Scalpel Carbon 2 uses the Hi Mod top end Cannondale Carbon layup, and is mated to one of the best cross country dual suspension set ups on the market.  A full XT drivetrain doesn’t hurt the bike’s lust factor either.

But best of all?…We’ve discounted it from it’s regular price of $5400 plus taxes to $3900!  It’s an XL, which likely accounts for some of why it’s stayed with us this long, so if you’re a taller guy or really tall gal and you’re looking for an amazing deal on a no-compromise cross country dulie this is it!