Campy 50th Anniversary Grouppo


Sadly no, this Grouppo is not for sale, but it was brought to us to be installed on a customer’s bike, and we had to share it here. It’s also worth noting that the bike itself is a gorgeous refinished Marinoni.

If we recall correctly the 50th anniversary Campagnolo component group was first available in 1983 (okay, we totally Googled that). There have certainly been technological advancements since then, though it’s amazing how well the components pictured here work. Sure, you have to take your hand off the bar to shift, and you can’t just ‘click’ into the next gear, but the shifting is smooth and so long as your limiter screws are set properly you can always find the right, rub-free gear.

But who care if the stuff works anyway?  We posted pics here so you could LOOK at it. Those gold logos really are gold, 22K to be precise.  Every single piece is engraved, and every single piece looks worthy of the name engraved in it.

We’ve been told that new and in its sealed box this component group can sell for as much as $10,ooo, but we’re happy to see it on a bike and ready to be ridden.