‘Summer’ FatBike Tires


If you’re loving your FatBike and haven’t put it away even though summer is now really and truly upon us you may want to consider switching to tires that are more suitable to the season (depending on what you’re currently riding on of course).

4″ 45Nrth Dillngers are one of our go-to tires for summer FatBiking.  Even though they’re marketed as having “snow gripper tread” we find the tread works really well in local mud while still being reasonably efficient for on road or trial use as well.

The tires are light, for a FatBike tire anyway, and supple with 120 tpi.

When winter arrives again these tires are also studdable.  We’ve run them studded in the snow and ice and just loved them, but it’s worth noting that while studs can be added they can’t be removed afterwards, so if you fall in love with them in the summer but subsequently stud them for cold weather use you’ll need to budget for another pair in the spring.

The Dillingers are $185 plus taxes each.