Thule Bike Travel Bag


Meet the new(ish) Thule Bike Travel Bag, called the Round Trip Traveller.  It’s a great, somewhat compact and storable way to deal with your bike transportation needs when you go on vacation or to the next big race/ride.

While it has a mostly soft shell that enables you to fold it up and stuff it under a bed, in a closet, or a corner of your trunk it has rigid side inserts that give the bag form and keep your bike protected during the usual pre and post flight mishandling.

It has an integrated fork mount that can accomodate most skewers with available adapters, plenty of tie-down points, and lots of pockets for miscellaneous stuff, plus two big external pockets to house your wheels.

This box works with most conventional bikes, including most road bikes and 29er mountain bikes.  We haven’t tested it yet with a FatBike and have some concerns that the tire width of a FatBike might be too big for the side pockets, but we can confirm that easily enough if you’re interested because we have a couple of these bags in stock at the time of this posting.

For $580 plus taxes you can walk away with one today, just in time for your summer adventures!

Check out the video here for an even better visual.