Marin Pine Mountain 1


We featured this bike at the beginning of the season but quickly sold out of the couple we were able to stock.  We managed to get our hands on another size 19″ pictured above, so we figured it was worth another quick mention.

This is Marin’s take on the 27.5″+ bike, and they’ve done a great job at an excellent price point of just $1080 plus taxes.

For simplicity sake it’s a rigid bike, but the oversized 27.5″ tires add some extra cushion while also providing a conventional 29er outer diameter and crazy amounts of traction.

It has a 1×10 X7 / X5 set up that we just love (it’s so awesome that OEM 1×10 is no longer reserved for just the super expensive exotica), and other capable bits.

These have been great sellers for Marin and have been hard for us to stock so if you’re interested in this one snap it up while you can.

Trail + from Marin Bikes on Vimeo.