Smith Forefront Helmet, now with MIPS


The Smith Forefront was one of our favourite helmets when we got our hands on them a year or two ago, and they’ve recently been made even better.

In addition to being lightweight, having excellent ventilation and being shaped to work well with sunglasses and goggles (and having an available, optional POV camera mount) the Forefront now also has MIPS technology.

Yes, another buzzy tech acronym.  This one is of significant value though.  Essentially, the helmet is designed so that if you crash and strike your head/helmet on the ground at an angle the outer shell rotates slightly overtop of the helmet’s core.  This means the helmet doesn’t ‘grip’ the ground as much as it otherwise would and therefore doesn’t jar your scull against your brain as much as a conventional helmet would in a similar crash.

This is one of those features you pay for hoping never to use, but it’s good to know it’s there.  Besides, it’s pretty much a great helmet in any every other way so we consider it a great purchase regardless.

We have a few colours and most sizes in stock now, for $275 a piece.