Giant MOTR 20″ Kids Bikes


Yes, we spelled the name of this bike correctly. It’s a 20″ wheeled kids bike called a MOTR.  The Giant website propaganda says something ridiculous about how this bike is the direct descendant of a “big boy’s” motorcycle, so we assume that’s why they’ve named it a misspelling of the word ‘motor’.

At any rate, we have no idea what they’re trying to say no matter how they spell it.  First of all, motorcyles are actually descendants of  bicycles, not the other way around, and secondly we kinda resent the implication that a kid would get more excited about a bicycle because it reminded them of a motorcycle (and for the record yours truely owns a few bikes and a few motorcycles, but lets them each stand on their own merit).

We’re just going to set aside entirely the sexist wording of Giant’s write up, because we’re more focused on figuring out why this bike in particular is supposed to be motorcycle-ish.

With all of that said, what a super cool bike!  It’s a basic affair, with a single speed, no suspension, and a coaster brake (though it does have a rear hand brake as well, which really helps youngsters adapt to bigger bikes that use hand brakes exclusively).  We’re strong advocates of basic bikes for small kids, and the MOTR provides the basics in a lightweight package that just oozes coolness.  We’re not sure there’s any functional reason they designed the frame tubing the way they did, but who cares?  It looks great.  The colour choices are just absolutely perfect too.

If they made this thing in a “big people” version we’d be all over it, but as it is if you have a reasonably small tyke who’s ready for their 1st or 2nd two-wheeler this can be theirs for $380 plus taxes.  We have a few in stock at the time of this posting.