Kryptonite Wheel Bolts


These WheelBolts from Kryptonite are a really cool idea.  For some time now Kryptonite has made locking skewers to discourage wheel theft while your bike is locked up in public.  It’s a great idea: The skewers required a special key to remove, so unless someone had the key your wheels were relatively safe.  The only downside was that if you didn’t have the key yourself you obviously couldn’t remove your wheels either, so you had to carry the key with you everywhere or you weren’t able to, for instance, replace a blown tube on the fly.

Kryptonite has stepped up their game by designing a newer locking skewer system that requires just a conventional Allen key to unlock.  The genius of the design is that the skewers have to be upside down to be unlocked with the Allen key.  When right side up there’s a little pin inside the skewer’s end that prevents the Allen key from rotating the related bolt.

Simply lock up your bike in such a way that it can’t be turned upside down and your wheels should be safe at the same time, but so long as you have a basic Allen key set with you and can unlock your own bike you will have no problem removing your wheels as well, should the need arise.

A front and rear skewer set is $100 plus taxes.  Or, if you have a single speed or fixie that uses a bolt on hub we also have the appropriate nuts that lock in the same way for $60 a set plus taxes.