Marin Bobcat Trail 9.3


A few days ago we featured the Marin Bobcat Trail 9.4 which retails for $835 plus taxes.  If your budget is just a little bit tighter than that there’s also the Bobcat Trail 9.3 for $725 plus taxes.

The biggest difference between the two bikes might be the 3×8 drivetrain set up on the 9.3 pictured above, with an Altus rear derailleur, compared with the 3×9 set up on the 9.4.  Honestly, that’s not a huge compromise to save over $100.

The 9.3 has some other basic bits like a square taper bottom bracket, but that means it’s also super easy to maintain and replace damaged parts, and despite it’s relatively low price it still offers 100mm of travel with a lock out and hydraulic disc brakes.

All in all it’s quite a value, and it’s ready to go anytime you are.