Giant XTC 20″ Suspended Kid’s Bike


Yesterday we featured the new Giant XTC Jr Lite 20″ wheeled kids bike.  We like the omission of a suspended front fork on that model so that kids who don’t make use of the suspension aren’t forced to drag its extra weight around.

But what it your child actually likes the front suspension and can make use of it?  Fortunately Giant still makes its conventional XTR Jr 20″ model with front suspension intact.  The rest of the bike is basically unchanged too.  The bike has a 1x drivetrain set up with an easy to use grip shift controlling the rear derailleur, and retains its sloping top tube design that makes the bike easy to straddle for smaller tykes.

The price of this model is only slightly more than its unsuspended sibling, at $390 plus taxes, and we have ’em in stock and ready to go now.