Giant XTC 20″ Lite Kid’s Bike


We’ve been saying for years that a major manufacturer needs to build one of their 20″ kids models with a rigid front fork, and Giant has finally risen to the challenge.

Front suspension is great but many little kids don’t weigh enough and/or don’t ride in a way that really makes use of it.  If you’re not actually using the suspension then it’s just a dead weight that serves no purpose other than make you part with a bit more money at the point of purchase.

Giant’s 20″ (referring to the wheel size – kid’s bikes typically come in 16″, 20″, and 24″ wheeled sizes) XTR Jr has been an excellent choice for kids since its inception a few year ago.  Now the new ‘lite’, rigid version makes it an even better choice for kids who don’t utilize front shocks anyway.

We have a few of these built up in the shop and ready to go for just $360 plus taxes.