Cannnondale Slate


This thing is a bit crazy, but sometimes crazy is good.  Cannondale has decided to go out on a bit of a limb and built a road bike with a light action carbon Lefty suspension front fork and 650B (27.5″) wheels mated with 42mm tires that combined to offer a front suspended road bike with fat tires that has the same dimensions as a conventional 700c bike.

The result is a road bike that’s reasonably light and pretty efficient, but can easily conquer light to moderate trails formerly the domain of mountain bikes only.

However, we anticipate it will be used more for the urban commute and fitness riding over the local urban concrete and gravel jungle without worry of potholes and neglected back lanes.

While this Cannondale Slate could also be a great cyclocross bike on some local courses it’s important to note that if you wanted to be ‘legal’ in the B and A categories you’d need to build a new 700c wheelset with more conventional ‘cross tires because the 42mm width of the ones pictured above are way outside the regulations.

Citizen and C categories have no such regulations (as of the time of this posting anyway) so you could race this bike in those divisions with glee.

Whatever your intended use, the thing is you can use this bike for almost anything.  We have an XL (which measures more like a size large in other road bikes) built up and ready for you to check out anytime.  $3900 plus taxes and you can ride it home.