Lochside Cycles


New to us this year is Lochside Cycles, a boutique bike retailer out of Victoria, BC.  They build relatively simple bikes fo urban riding.  They look really nice and they’re reasonably priced . We’ll feature one or two of the models we now have in stock over the next few days, including the Oxford pictured below:


The Oxford is pretty close to as simple as it gets.  It’s set up to be used as a single speed or a fixie and comes with a flip flop hub with a fixie cog and a freewheel pre installed so you can choose either straight out of the box.  They’ve also installed a front brake.  Other than that it’s pretty much a frame, two wheels and tires, bars, seat, crank and pedals, and the other necessary small bits to make it complete.

While minimal there is still good attention to detail.  The bike has nice welds on its steel frame, chromed fork ends that go very well with the large flange polished front hub, a sexy head tube badge, and matching tan bar tape and saddle.  It really is a pretty bike.

The price is equally attractive. $500 plus taxes is all it takes to call the Oxford your own.  The one pictured here is built and ready to find a new home today.