Giant Flourish FS


Giant is stepping up its game in the standard bike market with the Giant Flourish FS, pictured above. It’s been designed after what is sometimes loosely referred to as a “Dutch” bike, which means it’s similar (if not literally the same) to what is ridden around Holland on the daily commute.

As you’d expect then the bike is designed as an all purpose, casual ride. It has an easy step through frame geometry and an upright riding position with high, slung back bars. It has a full drivetrain with easy to use trigger shifters, and it has a bit of front suspension to take the edge off of the rough city pavement.

It also has some nice ‘bonus’ features like full, matching fenders front and rear, a matching and integrated rear rack, a full chain guard, and aesthetic touches like matching tan grips and saddle (and the saddle even comes with some old school springer suspension).

Giant continues to astound us with their excellent MRSP’s as well – this bike is selling for just $569 plus taxes which is an awesome deal. We have a few of these built up and ready for checking out any time.