Sturmfist 5 Gloves


For the last couple of days we’ve been featuring products that would be useful for the upcoming Actif Epica ultra endurance race.  With one day to go until the race start we’re featuring one more product: The Sturmfist 5 gloves.

These gloves are rated to -9 C.  Of course it’s often colder than that in Manitoba in February but if you’re using the pogies we featured yesterday these gloves combined with the outer bar mitts provide excellent warm in much colder temps.

They also do a really good job of preventing the conductive transmission of cold from a frozen handlebar to your hands, which is obviously an issue whether you’re also using pogies or not.

The wool lining is a nice touch because believe or not our hands sometimes get warm riding in the winter.  Ironically that can create sweat that makes us cold again, but the wool helps wick away the sweat thereby keeping you warm.

One pair of these gloves is $150.00, and we have a few in stock now.