Cargo Carrier Cage


With just two sleeps to go until Actif Epica we figured it was worth our while to make another applicable post.  If you’re scrambling to figure out where you’re going to store all of your manditory gear on race day and you have room within the main triangle of your bike (e.g. you’re not already using a frame bag) consider a Cargo cage from Blackburn.

The cage fits onto your regular water bottle mounts but is capable of carrying much, much more.  You can fit your manditory extra clothes into a stuff sack and then cinch the sack to the cage wth ease.  Alternatively you can fit a very large, insulated water bottle onto the cage, again cinching it down with some nylon straps which are provided.

Cost is just $32 plus taxes.  Not bad for an awesome last minute solution to aid your gear check compliance, or alternatively for your everyday fitness ride or commute when you want to carry some extra gear.