CobraFist Pogies


With Actif Epica fast approaching, and the forecast looking a bit, um, harsh, we figured it would be appropriate over the next couple of days to feature some cold weather gear that could seriously improve comfort out in the winter wilderness (or for that matter even closer to home).

We have a few 45Nrth CobraFist pogies still in stock and waiting to be put to use.  They feature little closure donuts that help keep the pogies in place on the bar and seal out the nasty elements, they have zippered, ventilated slits top and bottom to help regulate temperature in case you’re actually getting too warm (believe it or not that actually happens), and even a nice little interior pocket for your wallet, ID, etc.

These pogies can add a lot of extra warmth on really cold days, or they can allow you to wear smaller mitts or gloves on warmer days.  Either way they’re a great investment and will almost certainly be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re doing the event this weekend.  They’re $215 plus taxes for the pair.