SuperB 10 in 1 tool


This is a standard folding tool that everyone should have in their frame bag / seat bag / back pack / jersey pocket while riding.

It has all of the hex keys and screwdriver heads you’ll need for almost any in-the-moment bike repair, along with the most common spoke wrench size.

If you have this tool along with a couple of tire levers, a pair tube, and a pump you’ll be to do most repairs mid-ride to get yourself back home. ¬†Consider adding a chai breaker tool and there’s little outside of a catastrophic component or frame failure you won’t be able to get yourself out of.

We also happen to like the orange paint on the tool casing, which makes the tool stand out as you dig through your back pack looking for it, especially if you ride when it’s dark outside.

$20 plus taxes and you can ride home with one of these (and a little more confidence) today.