Fat Bike Stock


FatBikes have been selling well this year but we still have a reasonable stock remaining so if you’re interested in trying one out for the first time, or if you’re looking to upgrade, come and check out what we have on the floor while there is still plenty of great winter riding left (not that these bikes aren’t great for most conditions no matter the season).

We have relatively entry level FatBikes that are still excellent quality with good mid-range componentry, starting around $1500, through to absolute top end rigs for as much as you could possibly want to spend.

You can choose from brands such as Salsa, Surly, Cooker, and Cannondale.  We have more than one model in most sizes from most brands in stock, built up and ready to ride.  Looking for 4 or 5 inch wide tires on 70 – 100 mm wide rims, a steel, aluminum, or carbon frame, rigid or front suspension, a 1x or fully geared drivetrain?…We’ve got it all.  If what you want isn’t available as a stock build we can build it up for you custom.

Just let us know what you’re dreaming of and we can likely make it happen.