Knog Blinder Blinkie Lights on sale!


We’ve put our in-stock Knog Blinder LED, USB rechargeable blinkie lights on sale for the crazy low price of just $28 plus taxes, down from the regular price of $55.

These are some of our favourite blinkie lights ever.  They’re compact, they are super easy to attach and detach from your bike’s seat post, handlebar, and elsewhere, and they use a little fold-out stick to fit directly into your favourite USB charger for a quick charge.

They come in either white or red LED for the front or rear of the bike, they have 4 flash modes, they’re waterproof (which is great not only for rain but also for winter riding), and there are even a variety of case colours to choose from to match your bike.

Stock is limited so stop by the shop soon to pick up one or two of these for yourself while you can!