Warm(ish) Weather Gloves


With the milder temps of late we’ve been searching for a good pair of gloves that will still keep us warm but let our hands breath at the same time.

The Mountain Hardwear Densa Stimulus gloves are the perfect solution.  They’re quite thin but do a good job of providing a protective layer against the elements from about -10C to +whatever.  They don’t provide a lot of wind protection so keep that in mind. but so long as there isn’t a huge windchill they’re great for cycling, skiing, or just getting the groceries.

We especially like the feel we get through the light gloves as we feather our FatBike brakes, and though we haven’t tested them skiing yet me imagine we’d like the feedback we’d get from our ski poles too.

$50 plus taxes per pair and they’re yours.  We have most sizes in stock at the time of this posting