FatBike Fenders


Wow is it wet out there!  As this is being typed it’s a sloppy mess with some slight drizzle, and it’s forecast to fluctuate between this and some slightly colder temps in the days to come, which means it’s a great time to invest in a rear fender.

If you have a FatBike it’s been more difficult until recently to find a fender that works well with your set-up. That’s changing though, with products like the Axiom RearRunner Fat fender pictured above.  It very easily snaps on and off of your seat post, and it fits virtually any FatBike on the market (certainly any FatBike we sell, with the possible exception of the Salsa Bucksaw dualie).

Maybe best of all?…It costs just $25 plus taxes.  Buy one today and arrive at your next destination without that skunk stripe up your back!