Women’s Jacket Week #2: Bergans Hareid

This is women’s jacket week because, well, no reason really. We have a good selection of women’s jackets and this feels like as good a time as any to feature them.

Women’s Jacket Feature #2: Bergan’s of Norway Hareid Jacket


This jacket isn’t waterproof, it isn’t wind proof, and it’s no more packable than some of our full down parkas.  It is however AMAZINGLY comfortable.

Besides, it’s not meant as an outer layer on harsh winter days (though it makes for an awesome spring or fall outer layer when you need something on top of a shirt or jersey).  It can be used as a layer underneath your outer layer and on top of your base but honestly we like it most for lounging around the house or after a ride or ski.

Try one on in the store and we trust you’ll understand our enthusiasm but be sure to bring $160 plus taxes with you because you’ll want to take it home.