Christmas Gift Idea #5: CO2 Kits

In the remaining run up to Christmas we’re gonna feature some last minute, relatively inexpensive, in-stock gift ideas for the cycling smitten.

Today’s feature: CO2 Kits


Frame and compact pumps have been around for decades and have saved our butts out on the highway or wilderness trail many times.  The only downside to modern compact conventional pumps is that they require a lot of effort to use.  The fact that they’re compact is great in terms of carrying them in a jersey pocket or frame bag but not great when it comes to the short pump stroke.  This is further exacerbated by ever increasing tire volumes (29er, 27.5+ and 29er+, and FatBikes).

Co2 pumps solve this problem by letting compressed gas do the work for you.  No more need to pump furiously on the side of the road or trail to get going again.  This time and effort saver is especially appreciated in the cold of winter when it’s usually best to keep moving.

We have a few CO2 pump styles from a handful of manufacturers in stock now so feel free to come and check out the selection.