Christmas Gift Idea #4: Headlights

In the remaining run up to Christmas we’re gonna feature some last minute, relatively inexpensive, in-stock gift ideas for the cycling smitten.

Today’s feature: Headlights


We sell many, many different types of headlights but today we’re focusing on the relatively small, and affordable, models that help light your way.  In the simplest terms we’d break down headlights into 3 categories:

(1) Blinkie lights that are made mainly to be seen instead of to cast enough light to illuminate your path, (2) Intermediate lights that do a decent job of casting enough light in front of you that you can make your way home during the evening commute, and (3) Powerful lights that can illuminate your way almost no matter how fast you’re going and how technical the terrain, even in the pitch black of night in the wilderness.

Intermediate lights, as mentioned, generally cast enough light down the road or path that you can see where you’re going.  They’re not meant for super aggressive trail riding in complete darkness but if parts of your night time commute or fitness ride in town are not well lit these lights do a good job brightening things up enough that you can ride with confidence.

Most intermediate lights have self contained battery units so you simply have to click one thing onto your handlebar with no need to find bar or frame space for a secondary battery box.  Some require conventional replaceable batteries while others use their own rechargeable units. Battery life is usually really good with these mid-range lights though really cold temps always diminish lifespan.

We generally consider intermediate lights to have 200 – 500 lumens or so.  We have many brands in stock but one good example is the Serfas SL-255, offering 255 lumens and costing just $50 plus taxes.