Christmas Gift Idea #3: Cateye Computers

In the remaining run up to Christmas we’re gonna feature some last minute, relatively inexpensive, in-stock gift ideas for the cycling smitten.

Today’s feature: Cateye Computers


We have a pretty large in stock selection of Cateye bike computers that suit virtually every bike geek need.

The simplest model is just $27 plus taxes and displays your current speed, trip distance, total distance, and more.  Higher end models include many additional feature like cadence and wireless connectivity.

In some cases we also carry secondary mounts so you can swap the computer easily from one bike to another.

Most models can be calibrated to work accurately with virtually any bike.  If you have set up questions and/or want help determining which model is best for you or your gift recipient feel free to come down to the shop and ask us about these computers today.