2016 Marin Pine Mountain 27.5+


This is a great new bike model from Marin – the Pine Mountain.  It’s a rigid 27.5″+ bike.  The resulting outer tire diameter of the almost 3″ wide tires is virtually the same as a standard 29er, so the frame geometry is very similar to that of a 29er cross country bike but the wheels have tread that’s capable of even more aggressive riding. Though the bike is rigid the extra tire volume obviously softens the ride.

The coolest feature of this bike though might be the 1×10 drivetrain.  1×11 set ups are all the rage at the moment but they come at a price.  This bike keeps the total price down to a very respectable $1100 plus taxes in part by using an x7 clutch drive rear derailleur along with a special OEM 11-40 tooth 10 speed rear cassette and a wide/narrow front chainring.  We’re told that the cassette can’t be purchased after market so the only retrofit solution at the moment is to take a relatively high-end conventional 10 speed cassette, remove a middle gear, and add a 40 or 42 tooth large cog.  That’s a costly retrofit but fortunately it’s not necessary in this case because the bike has a purpose build wide range 10 speed cassette stock.

We have a size large Pine Mountain built up in the shop right now so feel free to come and check it out anytime.