2016 Cannondale Habit 3


The Cannondale Habit is a new for 2016 model, and we think it’s a great idea.  It’s aggressive enough to be used as a cross country racer but just relaxed and upright enough, and with 120mm of suspension front and rear, that it can also be used for tooling around the most technical terrain the Canadian Shield can throw at you all day long.

The Habit 3 in particular may just be the sweet spot for this model, balancing performance and value.  At $4300 plus taxes the bike isn’t  inexpensive with a carbon frame, Left fork, XT drivetrain, and other comparable bits it’s still a good deal.  It’s also worth noting that the very top Habit model, the Hi-Mod Black Inc., is $14,920!  Suddenly the Habit 3 is a steal!

We have a size medium built up in the shop now, so feel free to check it out anytime.