Cannondale FatBikes are here!

It took Cannondale a little longer to jump on the FatBike bandwagon than some others but when they finally did they certainly didn’t disappoint. Pictured above is the new Cannondale Fat CAAD 1, now in stock.

The bike uses Cannondale’s well-honed CAAD technology to maximize the lightness of their aluminum frame while also providing a surprisingly compliant ride (though this is less of an issue anyway when you’re riding 5″ tires).

The CAAD 1 has a primarily Sram X1 component group, which we just love. It has Sunringle Mulefut 80mm rims with Schwalbe 4.8″ tires. Probably of greatest note though is the Lefty fork. Because the Lefty inherently has a lot of tire clearance some resourceful riders have been using the Lefty on their non-Cannondale FatBikes to get a lightweight, suspended front end, though some level of adaptation is always required to make that happen. Now you can buy a FatBike with 100mm of lightweight Lefty suspension straight out of the box.

While we haven’t actually ridden one yet we’re sure it handles similarly, albeit in a ‘FatBike way’ to Cannondale’s conventional cross country hardtail offerings, which is to say we assume it handles very well.

We’re building up a medium size as this is being typed so feel free to stop by and check it out anytime!