2016 Salsa Beargrease X1 in stock!

We just received into stock a new 2016 Salsa Carbon Beargrease X1. In fact we have at least a couple of sizes in stock at the time of this posting. 

This is the carbon Beargrease frame and fork mated with a SRAM X1 drivetrain. It rolls on Sunringle Mulefut 80mm wide rims and 4″ Dillinger tires, though it can easily accommodate up to 4.8″ tires depending on rim width and drivetrain set up. 

The Beargrease geometry is a little ‘racier’ than some FatBikes so in summer single track it feels much like a conventional cross country bike, but it’s still super easy to handle in harsh winter riding. 

We absolutely love this bike. At $4850 it’s not cheap but it is a pretty good deal. You can spend a lot more if you want the best and get a spec upgrade but the X1 set up on this model is capable of anything and leaves you with some extra cash to buy some winter gear. 

Besides, 27 lbs for the large size is pretty darn respectable for a FatBike. Come and check it out for yourself today.