Heat Factory Heat Packs


We guess the cold inevitably comes every year but it’s been more of a shock this year then some.  8 days ago it was sunny, dry, warm, and green.  Well not exactly green but there certainly wasn’t any white stuff.

Now it looks as thought the snow is here to stay but maybe even more significantly it’s officially cold.  Last night’s low was -16C.  That caught us off guard.

Thankfully we have plenty Heat Factory Heat Packs in stock.  These little things do an amazing job of keeping us warm in the coldest temps.  Truthfully there’s not much need for the them until it dips into at least the negative teens.  They become a necessity when it dips below minus 30, and we all know that that’s coming sooner or later.

When the weather warrants we typically stuff one of these in each mitt, on top of the fingers while riding (this leaves the bottom of our fingers unencumbered to modulate the brake levers) and one above each set of toes in our boots.  They never get too hot to handle but they do a great job of releasing moderate warmth to help keep your extremities from getting cold for hours.  They’re activated simply by explosing them to air and require no power source, and are disposable after one use that should last for as long as you do (up to 10 hours).

What’s best?… a 2 pack costs $2!  At that price there’s really no reason not to have a couple stuffed away in your survival kit just in case.