2016 Salsa Blackborrow GX 2×10


Our first 2016 Salsa Blackborrow GX 2×10 FatBike has recently landed here at the shop so we figured we better post a little info about it.

This is Salsa’s dedicated 5″ wide tired FatBike (though it’s useful to note that the bike can also be used with 4″ wide 26″ tires, 29+ rims/tires, or even 27.5’s with large tires, and still ride well).

For 2016 the Blackborrow comes spec’d with either the new Sram GX 1×11 or 2×10 set ups – this one is obviously built with the 2×10 drivetrain. If you’d rather run it 1x it’s a relatively easy conversion (though for not much more money we could also just order you the Blackborrow that comes 1×11 stock).

The double and triple butted 6000 series aluminum frame keeps the bike reasonably light (for a FatBike at least).  It weighs in at about 33 lbs, which isn’t bad especially considering it’s shod with 5″ wide rubber.

It has pretty neutral geometry for epic excursions, BB7 mechanical disc brakes for fuss free operation in even the worst conditions, and it’s ready for a simple front suspension conversion if that’s the way you want to go.

$3300 plus taxes and you’ll be set to ride over just about anything no matter the conditions or time of year.  We have a couple of frame sizes in stock at the time of this posting.