FatBike Studded Tires

  FatBikes have greatly expanded our cycling experiences. Sure, many of us used our bikes year round before super wide tires came on the scene, but fat rubber has definately made it easier to get around in the snow. 

To some extend FatBikes help us stay upright on ice too, mainly because they simply offer more surface area to balance on. The trouble is that once you do start to slip there’s usually no recovery no matter how far your tire. 

That’s why we offer studded FatBike tires. Slap a pair of 4″ 45Nrth studded Dillingers on your 65-90mm wide rims and you’ll stay upright on snow and ice. 

These tires are 120 TPI so they’re nice and supple even in cold conditions and they’re surprisingly light. Well maybe not light but certainly not as heavy as you’d think. 

They have 240 studs per tire, on a tread that is great for virtually all types of snow conditions. 

At $335 plus taxes per tire they certainly are not cheap, but they are amazing. Amazing usually comes at a price. 

If you’re interested we have a couple pairs in stock now, plus we have a pair of the same tire but 5″ wide for your 100mm rims for a few bucks more.