Swix Romsdal 2 Down Women’s Jacket


With colder temperatures surely on the way soon (not that we haven’t enjoyed the warm autumn) we’re featuring some colder weather wear on our site this week.  Earlier we took a look at a men’s Mountain Hardwear jacket, so today it’s the women’s turn with this Romsdal 2 Down jacket from Swix.

It’s lightweight but surprisingly warm.  In fact it’s so lightweight that it can be used as a pack jacket, folding up nicely into a frame bag or portion of a backpack.  This makes it especially handy as an emergency jacket to be used if it gets colder than expected or if you get stranded somewhere, or conversely it can easily be stripped off and stored if the temperature gets warmer than anticipated.

Or, you can simply use this jacket as an everyday, wear-about-town garment for your errand running.  It looks as good and appropriate shopping for groceries as it does on the ski or FatBike trails.

$200 plus taxes and you can wear it however you wish today – we have most sizes in stock at the time of this posting.