Kids Races at Cross Nats


In just 1 week, on October 24th and 25th, the national cyclocross championships will be in Winnipeg for the 2nd consecutive year.  While this provides elite athletes and adult age groupers the opportunity to compete and participate in a cool urban environment on a national stage it also offers great fun for kids.

For kids 10 and under there will be a unique course set within the larger adult course, with all the features of a standard cyclocross course but scaled down a bit.

Some of us at Olympia are helping with the event and were scouting the area last night and are confident that the course is going to be awesome this year.  There will be a couple of run ups, plenty of berms, a pinwheel, and a bridge crossing.  Rest assured that it will all be safe and manageable for even the smallest kids but still challenging for those who are a bit older.

For the smaller ones, including those on push bikes, parents are allowed on the course to assist if it’s needed.  There will be official commissaires leading the races and producing official results so that kids can see how they measure up if that’s their thing but the first emphasis is to make sure everyone has fun and to encourage participation.

Check out a brief video of last years kids races here.

For more info on this year’s races click here, or go to the schedule here.