Spring Tune Ups in Fall


As you might expect every spring we’re flooded with spring tune up requests and end up having a bit of a backlog.  We get it – until the snow melts and the temperatures warm up many of our customers just don’t turn their thoughts to cycling, and then all of a sudden they want to ride.  For those of us who aren’t harder core and cycle year round the thought of getting the bike out just isn’t there in the midst of -30 temps and inches of snow.

That’s why we’re putting a thought in you head now: Why not bring your bike in for a ‘spring’ tune up before the snow flies?  There’s no tune up line up at the moment, not that you’re likely in the same panic right now anyway, and there’s no reason why you can’t have your bike tuned now so it’s ready for riding in spring.

Call us a 204-888-4586 to book a tune up appointment today, or just bring your bike down to the shop (in the spring we need an appointment booked in advance, but right now it’s okay to simply pop by with your bike in hand).  We should be able to get it back to you in a day or two, and then you’ll be set when the snow melts in a few months.  No harm done if you take advantage of your newly tuned bike while it’s still nice outside now either.