New 45Nrth Wolvhammer Cycling Boots


The folks at 45Nrth have redesigned their winter cycling boot and we really like what they’ve done with it.

Last year’s edition was great but had one frustration. The outer zipper and flap that concealed the shoelaces was sometimes frustratingly difficult to do up and undo. The new design solves this by doing away with the flap and redesigning the tongue so that the boot is still relatively snow proof but much easier to get on and off

As an added benefit the new design looks a lot more like a ‘normal’ hiking boot so that off the bike you don’t look quite so strange.

The MSRP seems to have dropped a bit too because we’re selling them for $400 plus taxes a pair, down from $450 last year. We have most sizes in stock at the time of this posting.

We also have select sizes of last year’s model in stock and selling for a greatly discounted $300 plus taxes

Either way be sure to set yourself up now for when the cold comes!