Salsa Anything Cage HD


Salsa has designed a new “Anything” Cage; this one has been dubbed the “HD” version.

Just like its predecessor it mounts to your bike using your conventional water bottle bosses, and is meant to carry otherwise awkward stuff on your bike, like sleeping bags, propane canisters, and a lot of other stuff for the intrepid bike traveller.

Of course it can also be used to carry more conventional stuff (your wallet, phone, spare tube, tools, etc) inside a dry bag or stuff sack that then straps into and is cradled by the Anything Cage.

It’s a really versatile solution to many bike packing dilemmas, and it only costs $60 plus taxes for everything you see above.  Actually, that price might be a little on the steep side but we don’t set the MSRP’s and the US/CDN cost difference for stuff coming from the States is getting steep indeed.  None the less this is $60 well spent – it truly opens your world of cycling up to new possibilities.

We have a few of these in stock now so come and take a look at them anytime.