2016 Charge Cooker 1 Fatbike has arrived!


Well that was fast.  For the last couple of days we’ve been featuring some on sale 2015 FatBikes that have been discounted to make room for the newest models.  Well, the newest models have begun to arrive with the Charge Cooker 1 pictured above.

The biggest change to the 2016 model is an all new aluminum frame, which lightens things up quite a bit from its predecessor.  The component spec remains modest but still capable X5 and equivalent stuff to keep the cost down while still offering a solid 2×10 drivetrain that won’t give you any excuses no matter the terrain you’re covering.

There are also nice little touches like the snowflake cutouts on the rims (which of course also save weight) and the colour matched stem.

Cost is $1500 plus taxes, which for a capable FatBike is a pretty good deal.  We have a size medium built up and ready to ride right now.